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Jokes Up in Smoke - September 16th

Jokes Up in Smoke - September 16th

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DC we're sorry for the wait... but Jokes Up in Smoke is BACK at an all new venue House of Herbs @houseofherbs on Saturday, September 16th from 8-10pm with an all star lineup!

We booked a great date for you all at a great location excited to have us! It'll still be warm enough to rock shorts but not cold enough to have seasonal depression, really it's the perfect day for a comedy show.

We've got your favorite hosts Zakary Haines and Randy Staples kicking off each laugh packed hour of truly elevated standup comedy.  Our headliner for the night is @laughwithjamal, supported by your talented features: Patrice DeVeaux (The Apollo, Don't Tell) @butishefunny, Mike Engle (Game of Jokes) @mikeengle, and Tre Solo (The Port) @tresolo.

You already know how we play it but if you're not familiar with a Jokes Up show yet... welcome to the comedy hotbox, yes we have games on our phone (and in our show)!

Grab a ticket at the link in our bio or just head to See you there!


HOUR ONE - A traditional lineup of insane headliners who've got credits all over the country, seen on platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Comedy Central. 

HOUR TWO - A different way to do a 4/20 show. Basically we're gonna get a bunch of comedians high and play a bunch of games sure to make you laugh up a lung or two!

Ex. - We've got a bunch of drop in guest comedians who are going to do their best jokes sober and after hotboxing with the host for ten minutes, will attempt (like, I'm trying really hard bro) to do those same jokes - I mean it really doesn't get better than that!

Must be 21+ to enter.





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