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Jokes Up in Smoke - February 17th

Jokes Up in Smoke - February 17th

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This Black History month, come out to Pyramid Lounge and put one in the air for all of the broken hearts in the world while you bust a gut with the best lineup of comics we've put together yet! 

Every ticket comes with a preroll to enjoy at your leisure during the show, so don't plan on doing anything after but heading to find some munchies (and calling your dad to say how sick the show was duh).

HOUR ONE - A traditional lineup of insane headliners who've got credits all over the country, seen on platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Comedy Central. 

(lineup not in order)



Elani Nichelle

Ashley Mayo

D. Lo 

HOUR TWO - A different way to do a 4/20 show. Basically we're gonna get a bunch of comedians high and play a bunch of games sure to make you laugh up a lung or two!

Ex. - We've got a bunch of drop in guest comedians who are going to do their best jokes sober and after hotboxing with the host for ten minutes, will attempt (like, I'm trying really hard bro) to do those same jokes - I mean it really doesn't get better than that!

Hosted inside the lovely Pyramid Smoking Lounge at 1329 Connecticut Ave NW, just off of the bustling 18th street next to Dupont Circle.

Must be 21+ to enter.





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