• Khairy Creek

    Baltimore, MD


    Born and raised on Baltimore's East side, Khairy is a born star. Using colorful stories pulled from his real life to paint a vivid picture for any crowd, his talent for making the mundane the funniest thing you've ever heard just might be unmatched.

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  • Randy Staples

    Silver Spring, MD


    Randy Staples loves talking about himself in third person. Founding Montenegro Comedy in early 2022, he's running around either producing or performing these days. Raising a son as a single parent at 24 years old in DC has had it ups and downs, but the depth of love and the warmth that he experiences as a father every day give his jokes (all pretty much based on his real life) a relatable levity that manages to tug at the heart strings while leaving a crowd in stitches. 

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  • Zakary Haines

    Syracuse, NY


    Zakary Haines is originally from Syracuse, NY but is now a Washington DC-based comedian. He brings his wit, charm, and charisma to the stage. Zakary has performed with comedians such as Cerrome Russell, Winston Hodges, D-Lo, and many more. In his free time, Zakary likes to write, play video games, and make memes.

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